The NEBOSH General Certificate Course

What is a NEBOSH General Certificate Course All About?

For anybody wanting a health and safety course which is comprehensive enough to provide a great deal of useful information, but also suitable for those who have little or no previous health and safety training or experience in such a role, then the NEBOSH General Certificate will be the course of choice for most people.

This is because a NEBOSH General Certificate course syllabus contains on it a large number of health and safety issues and topics which will be highly relevant to the vast majority of workers. These dangers are likely to be present in just about every single place of work in the UK and abroad, including topics such as electricity hazards, dangerous substances, working at heights, physical and psychological health problems, manual handling, fire risks, health and safety legislation, documents such as a health and safety policy, and much more besides. This obviously makes it one of the best choices for anyone requiring to learn about health and safety in a workplace.

A Comprehensive Course But Well Worth It

Of course, the large syllabus content of the NEBOSH General Certificate also means that it takes longer to achieve than others. Whilst courses such as the IOSH Managing Safely for example only take three or four days of training, a NEBOSH General Certificate course typically required ten days of training, with exams on an eleventh day, and a workplace practical to complete afterwards also.

Avoid the Temptation of e-Learning or Distance Learning

The time required, and consequently the cost involved, can tempt many into contemplating taking a NEBOSH General Certificate via distance learning or e-learning. Whilst costs may be less and it may be more convenient to not have to travel to a training location, the scope of this level of qualification means that it would require days and days of staring at a computer screen, and having to deal with the distractions of home life. These facts, combined with a lack of interaction with a course tutor and fellow students, plus a much greater amount of time passing between studying the earlier modules and taking the assessments, means that pass rates for e-learning and distance learning formats are significantly lower. Many individuals who pay for a NEBOSH General Certificate course in these formats then have to pay out again for a classroom-based training course, when they could have just done this originally and saved themselves a lot of money and time.