Staying Safe in the Workplace

We all go to work every day, and never really take the time to think of all the dangers that could be lurking around our workplace. Depending on your work environment, a number of potential dangers exist. Here are few different situations that may arise in the work place and why it is so important to ensure that your business is up to date on all safety training to help educate and prevent employee injury.


Falling poses a large safety risk to everyone. Falls from heights, be it ladders, chairs, and even forklifts happen far too often in the workplace. Labor statistics show that 605 employees were killed and approximately 212,760 were injured. With these staggering numbers, it is important to keep employees up to date on all safety rules. Workers shouldn't even consider reaching for a chair to climb on, instead know that only a ladder is allowed. Falling from heights isn't the only falling that can happen around the office. When materials are not properly put away and stored on the ground falls drastically increase. Unattended spills and standing water also increase the odds of this kind of situation. The benefit of properly educating and training staff is that there can be a successful reduction of potential fatal incidents.

Hazardous Substances:

Hazardous materials are found everywhere. It is estimated that around 4.5 million companies contain them, and this ranges from medical plants to carwashes. If these substances aren't properly stored and handled they can truly cause accidents. Simple toxic vapors can cause serious illness and even death, all due to the potential mishandling of chemicals. It is highly important to provide proper and complete training to all employees. Prevention is crucial in minimising any harmful incidents. Unfortunately, not only can all of these materials be hazardous, but more than likely they are flammable as well (see below).

Fire Training:

As shown, more businesses than one would think handle hazardous materials on a daily basis. Most of those materials are flammable, suggesting that not only is harmful substance training strongly beneficial for a company, but also that fire training is as well. Even without toxic materials, fire risks can always pose a threat to a company. Fires can be the most dangerous situations that any workplace may come across. Even a small office is susceptible to having a fire.

Oftentimes the overloading of an electrical socket is overlooked. They are only meant to carry a certain wattage and depending upon the amount of current being drawn through connected electronic devices, these circuits can quickly become overloaded. This greatly increases the risk of a potential fire. It is important to keep all employees up to date on fire safety. With our wide range of fire training classes, there are training solutions for the smallest office or largest manufactures.

The workplace can be full of potential dangers, and that is why it is so important to make sure that all employees are properly trained with continuing safety education. Your company will not only benefit from providing proper education, it will keep other costs low such as workers compensation and possible medical bills. Even more so, when handling hazardous materials, it is necessary to make sure everyone knows and understands what protocols need to be followed to prevent a major accident from taking place. This will not only make the workplace safer, but will keep injury counts low. By keeping everyone well educated on how to properly handle all situations both the company and its employees will benefit from a healthy and safe place to work!