NEBOSH Courses

Anybody who has done some research into what health and safety qualifications are available will undoubtedly have heard of NEBOSH. An acronym of the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, NEBOSH are one of the most recognised health and safety awarding bodies in the world, but especially in the United Kingdom.

The range of NEBOSH courses that are available vary in scope and duration (and consequently, price). An individual, or their manager, will need to determine which course or qualification is most suitable for them with regards to their current (or proposed) workplace responsibilities concerning health and safety.

NEBOSH Certificate Courses

Some of the most popular NEBOSH courses are the Certificate level qualifications. Containing a wealth of information on the syllabus, these training courses are designed to be suitable for both experienced health and safety professionals, as well as those who have had little or no health and safety training previously as the syllabus covers everything that will be required for the assessments at the end.

Of all the NEBOSH Certificate courses available, by far the most prevalent and sought-after of these is the General Certificate. Whilst the Fire, Construction and Environmental Certificates cover these respective topics in detail by focusing on them specifically, the NEBOSH General Certificate covers many different health and safety topics and dangers that can be found in a typical place of work including hazardous substances (COSHH), manual handling, fire risks, electrical safety and many more. It also has elements on legislation and documents such as the health and safety policy also.

NEBOSH Diploma Qualifications

A NEBOSH Diploma is right up there at the pinnacle of achievement when it comes to acquiring a qualification in health and safety. Equivalent to a degree level qualification, achieving a NEBOSH Diploma is no mean feat, as the comprehensive nature of it and the time and effort which needs to be afforded it culminated in a much lower national average pass rate when compared to the Certificates. This lower pass rate proves just how tough it is to acquire the Diploma, which means that for those who are successful, the prestige associated with passing and holding a NEBOSH Diploma is extremely high. It will command significant clout amongst both current and potential employers alike, as the fact that relatively few people hold a Diploma qualification will make them stand out against other candidates for job roles.

Whilst for the Certificate level qualifications there are no formal prerequisites as the syllabus is designed to cover everything that a candidate will require to pass the assessments, a NEBOSH Diploma demands a level of self-study and private research. For this reason a NEBOSH General Certificate or equivalent is highly advisable before progressing to a NEBOSH Diploma as a certain level of health and safety knowledge is needed in order to undertake this effectively.