About the Health and Safety Hub

The Health and Safety Hub has been created to provide lots of useful information on the broad and wide-ranging topic of health and safety, along with links to some of the best external websites. The site is still very new, but will continue to grow as new pages of content are written.

Health and safety is an issue which is relevant to every single business and individual in world, as anyone can fall victim to an accident or incident in the workplace or the home which causes death, injury or illness. Even if no harm befalls a person, the same incident can still cause significant damage to buildings and their contents, not to mention the local environment. For example, everybody may be safely evacuated in the event of a major fire breaking out in a building, but the flames and smoke may still cause damage to the building's structure, and the furniture and stock contained within. Plus, the smoke or harmful substances which escape will also cause environmental damage too.

A thorough knowledge of the dangers which exist and the correct way of working is the most powerful tool in preventing accidents coming into existence. This is why providing health and safety training to workers is not only a good idea, but is a legal obligation in many countries around the world. If employees are not aware of the risks and hazards which exist where they work and the substances that they work with or near, then they face a significantly higher probability of being killed, injured or suffering illness than they would if they had a comprehensive understanding of the dangers.

The Health and Safety Hub therefore not only provides informative articles on various health and safety risks and the potential consequences, but also offers links to external websites which provide health and safety courses and training in specific topics and issues such as hazardous substances, fire safety or manual handling for example. This assists you in finding health and safety training for yourself or your company's employees in order to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness of the risks to their safety and wellbeing.

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